I had a really interesting conversation with a colleague today about entitlement and the millennial generation. More thoughts on this to come…. but in brief:

I do feel entitled sometimes- and it is not something I like about myself, but it is also just a fact. I act entitled sometimes, too. Having a supervisor that treats me like an adult and respects me makes me feel more accountable and act less entitled, in comparison to having a supervisor who trusts me less or falls into a sort of “parent” role. Then I assume he will take care of everything and I can fall into a child-ish state more easily.

I work hard and I don’t deserve anything.

In practicing being firm yet kind to myself … I wonder how this all ties together.

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One Response to Entitlement

  1. fishrobber69 says:

    thanks for the follow! … maybe it is fair (and firm yet kind) to say “I work hard, and I deserve what I earn.”

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