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Friday night ramblings

There are many things I want to learn more about, either as part of my own process or from purely an intellectual/academic perspective. However, many things that I consider from an intellectual/academic perspective actually are applicable to my own process. … Continue reading

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Four basic fears connected to low self-esteem

The fear is of doing something that will confirm their own inadequacy. The fear is that others will see what they’ve done and also recognize their inadequacy. The fear is of losing what one has; fear that success cannot be … Continue reading

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Rethinking bipolar disorder

Originally posted on Everything Matters: Beyond Meds:
I’m reposting the below post from about a year ago and then following it with a collection of links to other posts from the Beyond Meds archives that look at that which gets…

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Emotions vs. Anxiety

I believe that emotions serve a purpose. They can Communicate to and influence others, Organize and motivate to action, or be (Self-) validating Usually, with some digging, I can identify why I am feeling a certain way and then do … Continue reading

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