Emotions vs. Anxiety

I believe that emotions serve a purpose. They can

  1. Communicate to and influence others,
  2. Organize and motivate to action, or be
  3. (Self-) validating

Usually, with some digging, I can identify why I am feeling a certain way and then do something about it. I think something similar can be said about anxiety, right? Like, I’m anxious because I’m avoiding doing something that I’m anxious about so I’m even more anxious about it… or my head is stuck in the past because of something in the present … regardless, staying mindful and present (in the “now”) is often a good coping technique for me.

However. Anxiety is an emotion, yes– and I think it sometimes just is NOT an emotion. The way that I differentiate between moods and Moods – a clinical sense. I want to differentiate between anxiety and Anxiety.

“You’re really spazzy today,” a coworker told me this afternoon. I get spazzy when I am frazzled by anxiety, when my nerves and brain are going a million miles an hour and I can’t stop replaying every “failure” that has happened. Yesterday and today have seen an uptick of anxiety. What is the anxiety telling me!?

I have an interview tomorrow. For a job I don’t know if I really want, but I am determined to act as if I am confident about it in the interview. Is it all connected? Job interview related to work this year related to low confidence related to x and y and z? Did it all just compound so fast that I can’t sort it out? Is my anxiety telling me anything?

Is it possible that it is telling me something AND it’s no longer just normal anxiety but has progressed, as it often does, to Anxiety- Anxiety that takes longer to come down from, sort out, and compose myself from?

Yes, I am saying yes it is possible.

Currently I don’t know what my anxiety is telling me, but I’m keeping my eyes and ears open.


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