Four basic fears connected to low self-esteem

  1. The fear is of doing something that will confirm their own inadequacy.
  2. The fear is that others will see what they’ve done and also recognize their inadequacy.
  3. The fear is of losing what one has; fear that success cannot be sustained; fear of abandonment.
  4. The fear is of once more experiencing humiliation, depression, devastation or despair.

Awareness is step one.

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2 Responses to Four basic fears connected to low self-esteem

  1. fishrobber69 says:

    Your list is pretty accurate. I have all of those fears, in abundance. They are so ingrained in my personality. I’m aware, but I feel powerless to change them.

  2. scrabblinact says:

    Check out this website for more information (these ideas are super not my own!):

    I like this approach because it has self-esteem as the main underlying cause and anxiety, depression, compulsions, etc. all as a result. I don’t believe that low self-esteem contributes to all mental health challenges, but it definitely can be a factor as is for me! I want to write about how I experience these “self-esteem attacks” that are similar to a panic or anxiety attack, but also markedly different.

    I’d love to hear more of your thoughts!!

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