constellations, details, and a truth

There are so many details in the world. Something I have learned from the past two years is that it’s all in the framing — that is, it’s all about perspective, attitude… is it a challenge, or an opportunity? is it unemployment, or is it a summer to find a job?


I want so much to make sense of the world and I see all the details as constellations- infinitely able to make shapes out of all sorts of stars in any direction and pattern. We can connect the dots in any way we want and get a different picture– it’s all in the framing after all. It’s all how we look at it.

But when trying to make sense of an event or a feeling or a particularly strong Mood or Anxiety– 60 billion different frames could be the truth- which one is it? I sometimes feel like a quantum computer trying to figure it out, trying to play through all the scenarios at the same time but the lines are all crossed and no one explanation makes sense enough.

There can be many truths existing in contradiction and in unison.

But it is all connected, I am convinced that so many of the details are connected and that there are constellations out there that do make sense- and maybe, maybe way out into deep space there is a singular –albeit complicated– constellation that makes more true and logical and emotional sense than any other.

These are not “racing thoughts” — this is a reflection. Few things are condescending as a mental health professional telling you your thoughts are illegitimate.

It is, ultimately, a search for truth that I must undertake and perhaps there is no end goal- but we can frame our journeys as we go– which is why narratives change over time. In each moment of conclusion or epiphany it is true, it is a true explanation of a true event, situation, feeling, intuition. And true can change.

The present moment is true.

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