I tend to overthink myself- well, not to death, but sometimes something that feels close. Overthinking everything- the reasons why I did X or did not to Y, re-analyzing every painful interaction, charting out possible paths that any decision in my life could turn into- I jokingly have referred to myself as a quantum computer because of this tendency.

I recognize it, now, though– years ago it just was how it is and now I know there is a choice: A choice to be mindful, be focused on the present, to accept the present moment and the “is-ness” of all things. It can be hard to stop the thinking and the overthinking. If thinking is a disease, my goodness sometimes it feels like I have the plague. Many of the blog posts here are overthinking-posts.

It all just is what it is- simply, the moment is the moment. I am trying to have confidence in myself and trust my intuition; I have a strong intuition and often I can’t– or am scared — to articulate my gut feelings about what I need and want. Or what I don’t need and don’t want.

I am trying to listen to my intuition and then be able to communicate it. Sometimes this includes a necessary thinking- but I am here acknowledging that I overthink so many things and am going to try and focus some of my writing here, at least, to less of that.

I have a strong intuition. I am a sensitive person with a strong intuition, whose gut and heart often know what I need before I can articulate it- I am choosing to trust these senses and have confidence that they are true for me, in the moment– and leave it at that.

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