No judgment on food

I have this coworker. She is a lovely, kind-hearted woman, and she is pretty easy as far as coworkers go. Yet. Almost every day, multiple time a day, she says things like:

“I was so good last night, I xyz..”
“I was only a little bit bad, I ate xyz…”
“I ate this, can you believe I…”
“Oh you young thin girl you don’t have to worry about food like me…”

And on and on. And on. She means so well, and her food/talk habits are clearly ingrained. It also clearly is none of my business (nor do I really care) what she eats and doesn’t eat. I’m a big proponent of eat whatever you want, more or less whenever you want it, and everything in moderation – even moderation.

My coworker believes (or so I observe, from listening to her) that certain foods are Good or Bad and that she therefore is Good or Bad whether she eats them and it’s this vicious cycle of listening to her hem and haw over chocolate and caffeine and snacks and this and that.

I don’t want to say I Know Better, but I know different, and it is out of medical necessity that I now know different. I’m the new kid at work, bottom of the totem pole, and I want to respect this coworker because she’s also old enough to be my mother. So I keep my mouth shut, or give her a half smile, or I sometimes slip in a tidbit of nutritional non-judgment.

I struggle with social dynamics sometimes, but this is one social dynamic I am deliberately choosing to not engage in. I will not engage in this type of food/fat talk. I don’t know anything about her, really, and I don’t need to jump to any conclusions or judgments. Just like she doesn’t know anything about me and hopefully is not jumping to any conclusions.

Foods are not good or bad. There is no judgment. There is no judgment on us as people whether we eat X or do not eat Y or exercise Z amount or not. It all just is.

I just want to hug her. And tell her to let that shit go.

Let that shit go.

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