The days

The magic in a day is that I just never know how a day is  going to go when I wake up. Some days I wake up grounded, solid, confident- and who-knows-what-happens either at work or with friends or in my head to send me spinning into anxious/panic/shame-land.

Some days I wake up hours before my alarm and feel a sense of awakened calm. And then I remember some mess from the day before and am spinning a hundred miles an hour before breakfast. On these same days, I just have to force myself to Do The Thing, and avoid avoiding anxiety-provoking situations. And the day gets better.

I had a great day at work today just by showing up and committing to doing my best today. Yes, I was spinning at 4:30am. Yes, yesterday was rough in my head. And Yes, today turned around.

No feeling is final. The good, the bad, the ugly, the joyful– something else is always coming around.

It’s comforting when I remember this. Everything can change in a day.

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