Body-mind stuff

I truly believe that mental, emotional, and physical health are intrinsically linked. I want to write more about this in a scientific, non-me-focused way, but since I’m the only human whose body I share (if that makes any sense)… my personal experiences, as I grow and learn myself and become more attuned to my physical body, are really the primary pieces of evidence I have right now.

There are a zillion things I could say about this- how emotional and physical sensitivities are linked; how asthma and sniffles and sinus problems can flair up with stress; how currently I’m in the worst batch of winter allergies I’ve had in years, complete with a resurgence of eczema and all-over itchiness– at the same time when I’m emotionally rawer than I’ve been in years.

How the pain in my right leg from getting hit by a car six weeks ago disappeared after I finally shared with my family that the incident happened. Was the pain a reminder that I wasn’t fully taking care of myself? Did my body know I was internalizing the fact that I got hit by a car and in twisted illogic assumed responsibility for the incident? Who knows. But it’s all just so interesting to me.

Does your body do these things? I want to ask other people. Maybe most people get hurt and understand it’s a sign to rest. Maybe I don’t totally get those messages, and I’m slowly learning how to do that. Maybe this is me feeling like I need to feel special again. I’m not sure.

Special or not- the body is amazing and I love the process of learning my own.

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