A couple quick thoughts

  1. I was gentle with myself today. Mornings are the worst when I’m in a low energy/”depression” space, which I have been for the past month. But I got through it and I was compassionate with myself today and I am proud of that.
  2. The question What’s effective? is helpful when considering actions and reactions
  3. I am so very grateful when someone important understands my meaning when I use Harry Potter metaphors to explain myself.
    (“I am Voldemort” to describe premenstrual me seems to capture it more accurately sometimes.)
  4. I am feeling very selfish lately and I am judging it. I miss other parts of my life and times in my life that felt more selfless. How do I resolve this? I’ll “lean into the discomfort” and explore it with curiosity.
  5. Practicing gratitude is hard because it forces me to face the fact that it mostly is my attitude and propensity for self-pity that keep me trapped in negativity, not the particular situations I find myself in.
    (I want to write more about this one)
  6. I’m a very shy person. Introversion is trendy lately (much like being a nerd) and I am introverted, but I also can be exceedingly shy.¬† Which leads to selfishness and self-centeredness and intolerance of others, sometimes. See point #4.

This is leading all to something, but what yet I am not sure….

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