Winter body disconnect

I think one reason winter is so hard for people is the lack of exercise. Especially for those (like me!) who tend to hibernate when it’s cold out, huddle up, and fold in on myself. It’s not just the lack of exercise, though– it’s the lack of being in your body. It’s not just that running a couple miles after work feels good, it’s the stretching after; it’s feeling my body, my muscles, feeling strong and in my body. In winter, we disconnect. I disconnect.

With the current thinking that trauma causes a disconnect between an individual and their physical body, and the recognition that I spend less time “in” my body in the winter… I think this is another reason winter is hard. The disconnect is larger. I went to yoga last weekend and was shocked at how tight my muscles were. I was remembering in the fall, when I was running and stretching a lot, how much more flexible and strong I felt. And when I was stretching more, in my body more, I was feeling a bit more grounded…. and the tightness of my calves in winter seems to parallel the tightness in my mind.

A wintry thought.

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