Flailing thoughts

  1. The fear of the thing is worse than the thing itself. Avoidance makes the anxiety worse. It’s scary, but do the thing.
  2. Find your Self. Be in Self. Panic and anxiety make it hard to be in Self, but you know it when you feel it.
  3. When I don’t share with others, they have no idea what’s going on.
  4. Smiling and saying, “Oh yeah, everything’s fine,” when it’s anything but, makes it hard to receive support.
  5. “I never fit in anywhere/I don’t belong/I’m different/everyone hates me/I have nothing in common with these people” are negative core beliefs that keep me stuck.
  6. All things considered, I’m doing a lot better than I think I am and I’m struggling a lot more than others think I am. Maybe. I can’t read minds.
  7. Not running away from things is really, really, really, really hard.
  8. Being around people, feeling connected, needing connection,feeling the fear of connection, is terrifying; being alone is both safe and isolating and terrifying.
  9. I wonder if this severe anxiety is going to be a constant in my life; and if it is, how on earth do I work with it? Showing up to my life is sometimes about all I feel like I can handle on some days. You mean I have to show up and then be friendly and outgoing?
  10. I am so incredibly grateful for a snow day/no work day today that I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about Real Life.
  11. Some days I feel grounded and capable… other moments I feel like I am flailing.
  12. I feel like I am flailing today and it’s okay. I’m trying not to judge it, but accept it.
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3 Responses to Flailing thoughts

  1. fishrobber69 says:

    1.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 9.. 5.. 5.. 5.. … “negative core beliefs” – so true.

  2. Anonymous says:


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