Some positivity!

  1. Beer and potato chips is an absolutely valid dinner on a Friday night. Nutritionally maybe not so healthy, but social-emotionally vital to health, especially done in the company of wonderful friends who love me, who see me, who accept me exactly as I am… and all enjoyed in the spirit of spontaneity and genuine connection.
  2. My hair has been smelling really good lately. Maybe that’s because it’s healthy, maybe it’s because it’s growing and it’s now long enough for me to smell… but it makes me feel positive about myself as an adult woman when my hair smells clean.
  3. I also got my hair cut yesterday for the first time in a year. I am proud of myself for calming down, trusting the hairdresser enough to touch me and my hair. Last year at the end of February when I got my haircut I was so tense I hurt my neck because I couldn’t relax. Progress? Progress.
  4. It’s incredible what releasing some pent-up anger does for your health. It’s been two days after a huge, healthy release of emotion and I feel a new layer of clarity and presence. Like a filter is removed.
  5. There are no final truths. There is only right now.
  6. Right now I am excited to go to yoga with my roommate, then for a run with a friend, and then cook dinner together.
  7. Right now I am choosing love over fear.
  8. Right now I am trusting that things are okay.
  9. Right now I am trusting that I am not alone, not alone, not alone.
  10. Right now I feel here.
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